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Chung Cheong Hong haberdashery Ltd. Co. were originally founded by Mr. Ko Bei Cheen with the name Shing Cheong Trading Co..

In 1938, Mr. Ko Bei Cheen and a Shanghai business man Chiu Kut Sun founded a trading company called Shing Cheong Trading Company carried haberdashery business in kowloon, Hong Kong. Because of the successful business strategy and development, they moved the Shing Cheong Trading Company to Number 6, Bon Ham Strand East street where was the central business district in Hong Kong.

During the world war II, Hong Kong were occupied by Japanese since 1941 the Pacific war started. In that period, Mr. Ko BeiCheen left hong kong to FuKien for business development. So Mr. Ho Yin Chung, the elder brother of Mr. Ko Bei Cheen, and Mr. Chiu Kut Sun kept running the Shing Cheong Trading Company in the address.

Later on, in the period of World War II, Mr. Chiu Kut Sun withdrew his partnership from the business and returned to his home town Shanghai. So Mr. Ho Yin Chung represented his brother kept the business going in Hong Kong. 

In 1954, Japan surrendered to the alliance and the World War II were over. Mr. Ko Bei Cheen were back to Hong Kong from Fukien. Shing Cheong Trading Company were restructured and divided into two companies called Hip Yuen Hong and Chung Cheong Hong.

After the World War II, Hong Kong Government regulated all business companies by licensing system, so all companies had to register for business operating license. Hence, Chung Cheong Hong were registered as Chung Cheong Hong Haberdashery Ltd. Company.